About Me

Brief professional overview:

I’m a systems thinker, user experience generalist, producer, former commercial photographer and recovering designer.

I make connections, build relationships and facilitate collaboration across complex, distributed organizations (business, design, engineering, beyond) to GSD and produce positive results.

For Santa Barbara locals, I am a Brookie from when Ernie Brooks was around. My days of being a pro photographer are long gone as is the time I spent doing visual design. Back in the 1990’s, I killed a couple of PC’s creating digital maps for the MTD.

What I like doing most these days is collaborating with subject matter experts, creatives, designers and engineers to deliver and maintain reliable solutions.


Work example (ux, product, design):

I was the design lead and a product manager for this greenfield initiative. This live product is currently serving millions of end users.

Connect With Me

I can be found on LinkedIn or via email.