User experience design, product management. From tech support to transformation. Practical frameworks, built for real life.

About TFRG 

The Free Range Group (TFRG) is a consultancy led by Larissa Schwartz specializing in making technology work for people. Take advantage of two decades of professional experience in business, marketing, technology management, UX design, product management, cross-functional and remote team leadership.



User eXperience Leadership

User experience design (UX, UI) management and instruction, customer experience strategy and service design, KPI and metric definition, team development. Product ownership, roadmap, MVP, engineering management, app development,  vendor scans, technical documentation, business case and proposal development. 

Management Consulting

Leadership and management coaching, recruiting and retention frameworks, functional area development, remote team building and succession planning. Methodologies that break down barriers so teams can focus on pragmatic problem solving, innovation and better day-to-day working experiences.


"Management is doing things right;
leadership is doing the right things."

Peter Drucker

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The Free Range Group, LLC is a consultancy providing a wide range of services for individuals and organizations. Customer experience (CX), user experience design (UX, UI), digital strategy, training and mentorship. Product planning and implementation. Project management. Remote teamwork. Business process improvement. Leadership development. Change management.

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