• Larissa Schwartz

you are my density!

Those of us old enough to remember the first Back To The Future movie will get the title but if not, it's easy to find a clip. For people in the field of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design or with backgrounds in photography, like me, density has a whole other meaning and lately, I've been seeing so much light grey text out there that I feel the need to say something.

It's cool to be cool but the trend of grey text continues to show up in ways that are virtually unreadable. Just give us a little more density!

I love the website Daily UI so much that I almost don't want to say anything but I can't keep it to myself. The grey text in the email text input box is just too light. This is your main call to action! A little more density might not change your subscriber numbers but it is good design practice. And it's especially important because y'all are folks encouraging lots of us out in the world if UX to continually hone our visual design skills.

If it's not enough for someone like little ole me to say something, maybe a little user testing will help reveal what type of light grey is just too light. Give it a shot, there are tons of people who are willing to give you input. Everyone has an opinion so this could all be just my two cents but my gut feeling is that if it's too light for me to read easily and quickly, there are others out there who'd agree.

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