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Testing, Testing

Build brand ambassadorship and make sure your website works for 100% of the people 100% of the time. How? Keep reading.

Once upon a time I had an instructor say "testing proves that testing works" and I've never been able to forget it. That phrase, with that guys voice, runs through my head every time I encounter broken things - especially on the interwebs. It happened again today. There I was, just another frustrated website user. The site, a well-known association for women in technology, uses the hamburger menu in the design. When I tried to use it to navigate the site on my phone, it did exactly nothing.

An association with millions of members doesn't have to live with broken online stuff. If 1% of the members were part of a pool of people tasked with voluntarily testing a website, it would prove the point that testing works. Fixing issues could be dealt with in the same way. Testing can then be converted into brand ambassadorship and who doesn't feel good about that?

I understand the nature of not-for-profit entities. Strapped for cash, looking for the cheap way to get things done, understaffed, and so on. If your organization can't afford a QA department let alone a dedicated person, get creative and find other ways of testing.

The website is the front door to your house. Would you leave the doorknob to your house broken if someone found it that way? If you couldn't afford to hire a locksmith it would mean getting crafty (I'm picturing duct tape!) or bartering with someone to fix the thing. Why not approach your web presence the same way?

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